OMEP-Canada is a National Committee of the OMEP World Assembly where it is represented by its President, who may be accompanied by members as observers. OMEP-Canada is part of the North America and the Caribbean region, one of the five regions of OMEP.

OMEP-Canada consists of individual and organizational members. A call is sent to members for the General Assembly held every year. Members may change the constitution and set the amount of the membership fee. They elect members to the Board and to the Executive Committee for two years terms.

The Board of Directors is composed of the members of the Executive Committee, four Board Officers, the chairperson of each permanent committee (Membership, Newsletter, and Financing), and a member to represent each assembly.

The Executive Committee consists of the President, the Vice-President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, as well as an officer elected from the four Board Officers.

The current members of OMEP-Canada’s Executive Committee are:

President : Christiane Bourdages-Simpson

Vice-President : Hélène Larouche

Secretary : Christine Pérusset

Treasurer : Élizabeth Jacob

Officer: Nancy Green

In addition to the members of the Executive Committee, the current members of the Board are:

Officers :

Hélène Beaudry

Nancy Green

Jean-Yves Lévesque

Janie-Claude St-Yves

Assembly representatives :

Atlantic : Vacant

Ontario : Vacant

Prairies : Liliana Sulikowska-Klebec

Pacific : Vacant

Québec : Ginette Beauséjour

Chairpersons of Permanent Committees :

Newsletter: Denise Doyon

Membership : Lise Francoeur

Financing :  Vacant