The aim of OMEP-Canada is the progress of early childhood education. OMEP-Canada has the following objectives:

  • to promote the education and well-being of young children from 0 to 8 years;

  • to bring together within OMEP organizations and individuals working in the fields of preschool education, the care of children and support for families with young children.

The goals of OMEP-Canada are :

  • to encourage the establishment or continuity of early childhood settings in Canada and abroad;
  • to promote research in the education of young children, their well-being as well as the needs of families, and to gather together information in Canada on these questions, and transmit to OMEP and share across Canada this collected information;
  • to encourage affiliated organizations, provincial or territorial assemblies and all their members to pursue activities which support the goals of OMEP, and to collaborate amongst themselves.