OMEP-Canada’s Newsletter is published in January, June, and October each year. The Newsletter is a means by which OMEP-Canada shares, with its members, information regarding its local, regional, national and international activities, as well as information from its organizational members. The Newsletter also disseminates information regarding the education and well-being of young children and their families.

Previous issues are downloadable in PDF format.

Newsletter OMEP-C vol. 49, no.2

Newsletter OMEP-C vol. 49, no.1

Newsletter OMEP-C vol.48, no.3

Newsletter OMEP-C, vol.48, no.2

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Newsletter OMEP_EN_summer2018_472


Newsletter fall_2017,46,3


Newsletter OMEP winter 2017

Newsletter OMEP fall 2016,45,3



Newsletter Fall 2015,44,3

Newsletter,Summer2015, vol.44,no.2

Newsletter vol 44, n° 1, winter 2015

Newsletter, OMEP-Can,43,3,Fall2014

Newsletter vol 43, n° 2, summer 2014 
Newsletter vol. 43, n° 1, winter 2014

Newsletter vol. 42, n° 1, winter 2013
Newsletter vol. 42, n° 2, summer 2013
Newsletter vol. 42, n° 3, fall 2013