OMEP-Canada has published several documents. Some of them are available by sending an e-mail to the following address :

Toy Libraries for the Children of Africa

LudothequesThis fully illustrated document describes the project on establishing toy libraries, training and putting together a network of toy librarians from seven African countries with the goal of insuring the sustainability of their toy libraries. It is written in the three OMEP languages: French, Spanish and English.
ISBN : 2-922081-10-9 35pp. (2012)
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Voyage in the Universe of OMEP-Canada

DSCF0233On its 50th anniversary, OMEP-Canada tells its own story in the form of alphabet primer underscoring highlights, accomplishments and persons who left their mark. Written in the two languages of OMEP-Canada: English and French.
ISBN : 2-922081-09-5 34pp (2008)
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Voyage dans la cité des mots-cadeaux : Abécédaire de la paix (Travelling to a gift-words city : An alphabet primer for peace)

voyagesThis colourful book brings the young readers on a journey to discover learned or amusing words which promote the values of peace, non-violence, friendship, love, and sharing. The heroes of the book, Charles, and his dog Copain, lead children through an enchanted city with magnificent illustrations. In French only.
ISBN : 2-922081-05-2 32pp (2004)
COST: $12 + S&H

Pour mieux accompagner les garçons à l’école : Miser sur des différences liées au genre (To better assist boys in school : Bank on gender related differences)

accompagnerThis book tries to show how important and relevant it is to pay attention, in the dailay classroom activities, to the gender differences between boys and girls so that each gender can gain the knowledge needed while developing its own identity. In French only.
ISBN : 2-922081-08-7 46pp (2006)
COST: $7 + S&H

Répertoire de livres d’enfants qui soutiennent des valeurs universelles (Catalogue of children’s books that support universal values)

repertoireMore than 700 book titles organized according to the values of sharing, friendship, peace, and solidarity. In French only.
ISBN : 2-922081-07-9 48pp (2006)
COST: $5 (for a paper copy) + S&H

Les livres…ce sont aussi des vitamines pour les enfants (Books… are also vitamins for children)

livresGuide book for workshops to encourage young parents, particularly from disadvantaged environments, to read storybooks to their babies and young children. In French only.
ISBN : 2-922646-02-5 14pp (2001)
COST: S&H for a paper copy
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The following documents are out of print, but they can be found in libraries.


Children in Prison

Les enfants en prison

This book describes (in French and in English) work done since the 1960s to establish a set of programs and activities facilitating and coordinating children visiting their parents in prison.

ISBN : 922081-06-0  F-48pp, E-46pp (2006)


A Toy Library for You

In French, English, Portuguese and Spanish,

Three booklets on toy libraries:

1) Communities and Children at Play

2) Room to Play

3) Play and Save

ISBN : 2-922081-00-1 (1996)

Jeux populaires traditionnels pour les enfants d’aujourd’hui (Traditional and popular games for today’s children)

(French and Spanish)

Study on traditional games from Québec, conducted within an OMEP world project, and particularly presenting 25 games, illustrated and analysed from the psychological point of view of the ESAR system.
ISBN : 2-920952-36-6 (1992)